Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

HEY FUN FACT: pole dancing is known as something strippers do because strippers invented it. And that’s okay! It’s okay to have respect for strippers and the hard work they put into what they do! Let’s stop trying to take the stripper part out of pole dancing so upperclass white girls can do it without being ~stigmatized~ because god forbid women be sexual.

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girls don’t like boys, girls want in the flesh renewed.

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Once Upon A December (Piano Version) - Emile Pandolfi

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Save this one for a night when all you want is for your brain to let you rest. Too often I go to bed, my body exhausted, my mind unable to stop moving. Luckily, there’s this masterful version of “Once Upon a December” from the (highly underrated) animated movie Anastasia. It’s a perfect piece to guide you to a peaceful slumber, because this music? It’s the stuff of dreams.

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Acoluthic Redux, 2014 | by Andre Elliott

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McDonald’s has been forced to open its first ever restaurant with a turquoise coloured sign after city planners said the signature yellow sign would be too garish. Officials in Sedona, Arizona told the fast-food giant they were unable to open a restaurant with the trademark yellow logo.This is due to the city’s strict regulations which prevent buildings from ruining the picturesque view of the desert.

Photo credit: Michael Wright/

arizona joins the aesthetic movement

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bromance IS homophobia


1) Bromances are based on mocking and rejecting queerness — The entire joke about the SethRogen-JamesFranco bromances of the world is that they’re parodies of queerness. Literally, the humor is about making queerness the butt of the joke (so to speak). It’s funny when straight dudebros enact any kind of queer attraction entirely because it’s something they wouldn’t actually do in any serious way. Queerness is the joke because who would actually want to be queer right? 

2) Bromances are used to queerbait. Queerbaiting is when people (like writers of TV shows) throw in an undercurrent of queerness or use homoerotic tension for the sole purpose of keeping queer viewers interested. For example, on a lot of TV shows, bromances can be both a running joke (see #1 above) and also a constant hope. Queer viewers, who are so used to not having any kind of central representation in stories, are baited with bromances in order to keep them hopeful that the characters could be queer, but the result is that they never are because queerness is bad for capitalism. Queerbaiting is cruel and is a huge problem. 

3) Bromances enforce white supremacy. Bro-ness seems to exist in a constant space of parodying and mocking otherness. Not only is queerness mocked and then passed off as humor; bromances are frequently about safeguarding whiteness by mocking people of color. Going back to Seth Rogen and James Franco again, time after time the humor of their on-screen bromances comes from racist jokes. From Pineapple Express (don’t even get me started) to the recent parody of Kanye’s Bound 2 video, Rogen and Franco’s bromance humor is literally predicated on either mocking race, or disregarding it and appropriating it for the white cis male gaze (think about how none of Kanye’s messages about racism in Yeezus seem to make it into Rogen and Franco’s parody video, or how Franco’s uncool white rapper trope appropriates blackness in order to make it the butt of the joke). 

4) Bromances enforce cis male dominance. Okay this one isn’t that hard to see. Bromances are literally predicated on worshipping traditional masculinity: muscles, boys clubs, getting girls, etc. In fact, ladies are baited with bromances a little like queers: bromances are used to show ladies that dudebros have feelings and can be tender and care about friendship and loyalty, while also showing how they’re strong and masculine — all in order to get the girl. Where ladies are concerned, bromances literally act to shore up patriarchy. 

5) Bromances are about asserting privilege. Finally, as kind of a summation of some above points, bromances are all about straight white cis dudes injecting their (irrelevant) opinions about queerness and race into mainstream discourse. Bromances literally have the privilege of being more talked about in magazines and interviews than queer issues do. Bromances allow dudebros to literally prioritize their own viewpoints about oppressed groups and pass them off as comedy or satire. 

In conclusion, bromances are literally built on racism and homophobia by mocking othered identities for humor. 

EDIT: wow I didn’t even go into “no homo” here it could practically have its own post

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Details at Vivienne Westwood RTW F/W 2010

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Accepting That Your Fave Is Problematic: A Self-Help Manual

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Lines /14

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→ If you think "monosexism" is a problematic term because it groups people of various identities into one category, please also stop using the following terms



  • Sexism - and the word “men” - groups together white men with men of color, cis men with trans men, abled men with disabled men, etc. It means that a a queer trans man of color can oppress a white cishet woman.
  • Heterosexism - and the word “heterosexual” - groups together cis men, cis women and trans/nonbinary people, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means that heterosexual disabled working class women of color can oppress abled white middle class gay cis men.
  • Cissexism - and the word “cisgender” - groups together cis women with cis men, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means a cisgender lesbian woman of color can oppress a white trans man. (You know? I bet this is an argument that radscums actually use.)
  • Ableism - Okay you get the point
  • Classism - Or so I hope
  • Ageism - Because this is ridiculous
  • Etc.

Why is this ridiculous?

  • Because this is not how intersectionality works
  • Each term represents one axis of oppression
  • No one term can take all axes into account
  • Nor should it, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to talk about the oppression of any specific group
  • No one axis of oppression trumps all others
  • To say that monosexism inherently and necessarily trumps all other axes is to derail the discussion
  • Is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a white bisexual cis man? Of course not.
  • But that is not the question
  • The question is: is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a black bisexual trans woman?
  • Take a look at some of our statistics, and then think about that.
  • Then take a look at how I, the person who wrote the monosexual privilege checklist, wrote, time after time, about how the list is meant to draw attention to straight people and away from gay and lesbian people.
  • Then take a look at my book, which includes the list, and is about intersectional bisexual politics, with chapters about how monosexism works at intersections between bisexuality and women (including trans women), men (including trans men), trans and nonbinary people, and people of color.
  • And was written by a bisexual genderqueer disabled person/woman of color.
  • FFS
  • Then after you acknowledge all that, maybe we can start having a discussion.

[Note: I trust tumblr will ignore this post much like any other that I make about monosexism and monosexual privilege because I guess I’m making too much sense? But - just in case it gets around, know that I may not be following up, as per low spoons. Hate to my ask box will be deleted.]


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Protesters canvass the neighborhood of County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

Saturday, August 30th.


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Sex workers are human beings…. from cam models to strippers to porn stars. It may not be your cup o’ tea (mmm, tea), but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or shame them. 

Reblogging this again because people think that just because someone is a sex worker, means that they are not intelligent, can’t have normal lives, and treat them like complete shit.

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